Why Teach English: ESL?

We know you have a lot of agencies to choose from, and a plethora of options for your TEFL certification. We know this because we were in your shoes not too long ago, scouring the world wide web for the best possible option. We finally chose one that felt easy, informative and affordable, but it wasn’t perfect. In the end, we wound up teaching English abroad, living a life we had dreamed of for years, and coming back changed. We had so many memorable, unique, life-altering experiences during our time abroad, and now our goal is to help everybody who shares this dream turn it into a reality – the best way we know how.

With HONESTY. We were told many things that turned out not to be true when we arrived, and there was absolutely no reason for the lies. Our TEFL course was beneficial and our teaching placements surreal…but they would have been even if we’d been told the truth up front. We promise to give you the honest answers you deserve, because we know you’re smart enough to understand that this road will be sometimes challenging, sometimes different from what you expected, and we know that’s exactly why you’re choosing it. We know, because we’re a kindred spirit, and because honesty really is the best policy.

With EXPERIENCE. We have online TEFL certificates, and experience teaching in both Thailand and China. We believe the TEFL certificate benefited our classroom management, and helped us create a better, more interactive learning environment for our students. We fell in love with Thailand and had a blast teaching in China. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about any aspect of the experience – living standards, money, student behaviors, etc – and you can also read Jessica’s blog to find out more about her personal experience.

With CARE. We started this business because we genuinely believe teaching English abroad was the best decision we ever made, and we want to encourage and help more people to do it. We’re small, and we want to keep each connection with our future ESL teachers a personal one. We want to talk with you about why you’re considering such a big life change, and hopefully take away the jitters you’re likely having. We’re here to help you answer questions, whether you sign with us or not, because we just want to see more people traveling abroad, teaching abroad and making meaningful global connections.

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