Why Take a TEFL Certification Course?

Have you have ever wanted to get paid to live and work in a foreign country?

  • Would you like to spend a year or two in Bangkok, Barcelona or Buenos Aires?
  • Do you dream of a life where you walk to work every day along the cobblestone streets of Prague or Florence, or through the colorful street markets of Chiang Mai or Saigon?
  • Do you want the satisfaction of performing a valuable public service and assisting others in achieving their own life goals, all while traveling the world and experiencing the adventure of a lifetime?
If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” and you are a fluent English speaker, then a TEFL certification course will prepare you for teaching English abroad and making your dreams a reality!
tefl certification course


As English takes hold as the international tongue of commerce and culture, hundreds of millions across the globe are engaging in English language classes each year, creating an unprecedented demand for trained instructors from Seoul and Shanghai to Milan and Santiago. While young people and other workers in the U.S. and elsewhere confront the most challenging job market in generations, teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) provides not only viable and accessible job opportunities, but also once in a lifetime possibilities to see the world and gain invaluable international work experience

A globally recognized TEFL Certification can be your ticket to an exciting and rewarding overseas experience by providing you with qualification to work in thousands of schools and language institutes around the world. From Asia and Europe to South America and the Middle East, more than 250,000 English teachers are practicing their craft, providing instruction to nearly 1 billion English learners across the world.

By earning your TEFL Certification through Teach English: ESL, you will be ready to join them and live your dream of going abroad to teach English, travel and create a million memories for you and your students.

While some countries don’t require you to take a TEFL certification course, the job market is becoming saturated and a certification is highly recommended. You’ll find that the training will prepare you for what’s to come in your new role as an English teacher, and will therefore create a better learning experience for your students. Getting a recognizable degree like the TEFL certification we offer at Teach English: ESL will earn you higher pay rates than teachers without, and it will prepare you for an ESL job in any country, even if your first choice doesn’t require it.

Request our TEFL job country chart, which breaks down the worldwide opportunities teaching English abroad.



  • More than 500 million (some estimates approach 1 billion) non-native English speakers take some form of English class each year, including more than 100 million in China alone.
  • An estimated 250,000 English speakers work abroad as English teachers in more than 40,000 schools and language institutes around the world.
  • 80% of English teachers in non-native English speaking countries, particularly in public schools, are not native English speakers themselves because there are simply not enough native English speaking teachers to meet the demand.
  • In each major European city like Prague, Madrid and Milan, approximately 3,000-5,000 English teachers are working at any given time; each of these cities host 30-50 private language institutes with each school typically employing between 5-20 teachers at a time. These numbers are typically 4-5 times larger in major Asian cities like Tokyo and Shanghai.
  • An estimated 20,000 native English speakers work as English teachers each year in Seoul, Korea alone.

tefl certification course



By signing up for your TEFL certification course with Teach English: ESL, you will gain a highly marketable and mobile professional qualification that will enable you to work, live and travel in all corners of the globe. Teaching opportunities vary widely and chances are that you can find a position that suits your own needs and goals. If you prefer working with younger learners, you can teach children and adolescents.

Or if you seek a corporate environment, then “Business English,” which is in extremely high demand across the globe, might be a perfect avenue for you; while those with a humanitarian inclination can also find rewarding volunteer opportunities on every continent.

Most standard contracts throughout the world are for one academic year (10 months); however shorter contracts can be found in numerous countries, including Thailand where one term (5 months) is the minimum and Colombia where six months is possible. (Click here to view our onsite TEFL certification course in Thailand.) For those looking for even shorter endeavors, summer camps and schools offer a bounty of opportunities. Teaching English abroad is also a profession you can undertake on a part-time basis and private tutoring offers great opportunities to earn additional income, create your own flexible schedule and to work with students on a personal level.

“I choose to collect memories instead of things.” ~ Elena Levon

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