TEFL Nicaragua Course

Want to teach English without a degree? Or are you worried about your age holding you back?

Are you looking for an authentic Latin American experience just a few minutes from surfing beaches and mountain excursions?

Our TEFL Nicaragua course is for you! Come get certified to teach English abroad in the quaint, colonial town of Leon, Nicaragua (just 20 minutes from the beach)! It’s is one of the safest, cheapest and most beautiful countries in Central America, and a true nature lover’s paradise. It has two coasts, so you can swim in the Pacific Ocean one morning and the Caribbean Sea the next! Most tourists skip over this little gem, meaning the culture is still pure and it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in the local ways of life. It also means there are LOTS of ESL jobs!

Our highly-accredited, four-week intensive training is the best TEFL course in Nicaragua. You can live like a local and emerge prepared to teach them the language of the world. Nicaragua is relatively new to the ESL scene, which means jobs are aplenty, and people are eager to learn. It also comes with EFL job assistance. It’s everything you need to know to teach English abroad.

  • nicaragua tefl course


  • 190-hours of instruction
  • Teaching practicum with ESL students
  • Ongoing support
  • Resume workshop
  • Reference letters (upon request)
  • Wireless internet
  • Job assistance (100% placement!)


  • Flights
  • Accommodation (paid separately)
  • Course book ($70 USD)
  • Visa and Immunizations
  • Personal Expenses

Tuition: $1,799 USD


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  • March 19 – April 20, 2018 – please contact for availability
  • April 30 – May 25, 2018- please contact for availability
  • June 4 – June 29, 2018
  • July 9 – August 3, 2018
  • August 13 – September 7, 2018
  • September 17 – October 12, 2018
  • October 22 – November 16, 2018
  • November 26 – December 21, 2018

* Due to limited class sizes, courses tend to fill 3-6 months in advance.

*$150 discount to those who register at least 60 days in advance!

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What good is an ESL Diploma if you do not have a Bachelor’s Degree and are over 50?
Did you know the following sentence is grammatically correct?
He said that, “that ‘that’ that that” man used was wrong.

How are these two questions related? First there are many opportunities being over 50 with an ESL Diploma and no Degree. I have taught in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and am packing my bags for China. Second, you start remembering grammar rules but now you find them exciting (which I still find odd in my world). You also now know why you should have paid more attention to your high school English teacher. He said that, “that ‘that’ that that” man used was wrong is a grammatically correct sentence and I now know why. Come on! Mrs. Phillips would be very proud if I had not been chased from her class oh so long ago, but that is a story for another day.

These two outstanding realizations came to fruition as a result of time well spent with the International TEFL Academy in Leon Nicaragua. What easily could have been a minefield of challenges, Heather, Carmen and Jon took me by the hand and led me with great methods of understanding. As I do have the attention span of a goldfish never did their professionalism or skills waver. If I did not understand there was always a new patient way to show me which as it turned out I was actually showing myself.

The environment was inviting and the teaching observers, Luis, Amanda and Anna were genuinely excited to be a part of the teaching process. Post practicum (a word we all learned to fear) feedback was genuine, both positive and “needs improvement”, which I respected. We had the resources and hot coffee to get through the never ending supply of assignments, projects, lesson planning, online quizzes and Thursday Night Salsa. Toss in a bit of Volcano Boarding, a few trips to the Beach and the views from the Cathedral and you have the ability to have a life changing experience.

Put your head down and pin your ears back for 4 weeks. You can do this but you must be ready to do the work! You will get all the tools and support you need to succeed. Now it’s up to you.” ~Ken (USA), 55


  • 190-hour TEFL Certification Course including hands-on experience with local students.
  • Intensive 4-week in-person training
  • Highly qualified, experience instructors
  • Located in Leon, Nicaragua
  • Limited class sizes (maximum of 12)
  • Internationally accredited
  • Job assistance after successful completion

Advantages of the Nicaragua TEFL Course:

  • In-person training–students study in a 4-week, onsite course in Nicaragua.
  • Hands-on experience—students get teaching experience before entering the job market.
  • Cultural Immersion–explore Leon and surrounding areas while getting your certification!
  • Worldwide recognition–an accredited, 190-hour certification course, with graduates now teaching English around the world.
  • It never expires!—Wherever in the world you want to go, it goes with you.

You should take this course if you:

  • prefer learning in a physical classroom (instead of online)
  • want job placement assistance to teach English in Nicaragua
  • are still in school, but want to get TEFL certified on summer break because you want to teach English when you graduate.
  • are interested in being immersed in a different culture while earning your TEFL certification
  • want to learn or practice Spanish while getting certified
  • are seeking the best accreditation from an independent accrediting body
  • are a novice teacher: the course offers solid, practical, teaching techniques to ensure you enter the classroom with confidence
  • decide on quality rather than price alone because you realize that you are investing in your education and your future
  • understand that a highly qualified, experienced instructor, an exceptional curriculum and excellent accreditation are absolute necessities in TEFL Certification training


nicaragua tefl course


nicaragua tefl course


The course is in Leon, Nicaragua, a historical hub rife with churches and art, restaurants and picture-perfect architecture. It’s long been an educational epicenter of Nicaragua, and that intellect is beaming through the colonial streets, from carnivals during the day to a cosmopolitan scene at night.

The course is held in our TEFL training center, just four blocks from Leon’s Central Park. There’s a salsa club directly across the street, and Spanish classes are available nearby. TEFL classes are held Monday – Friday, with teaching practicum 2-3 nights per week.

tefl course in nicaragua

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu


A high school diploma or equivalent and a fluency in English. A bachelor’s degree is recommended but not required. Must be at least 18 years of age.

Non-native speakers are eligible to apply, but must also complete a written essay and an interview.

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Though housing is not included, we can help you organize something for the month you’ll be studying. We have several great options, but you’re welcome to find your own housing as well.


Our most popular and most highly recommended option is to stay with a local Nicaraguan family. This is the quickest way to learn the culture and brush up on those Spanish-language skills, all while getting a taste of local cuisine! There are two rooms available in a Spanish colonial home next to the school with a garden, free wifi and access to the kitchen.

Cost: $250 USD per month


The training center has onsite accommodation for those looking for ultimate convenience. Both shared and private rooms are available.

Cost: $250 USD per month


We can recommend you some of the best hotels in the area, depending on what you’re looking for.

Cost: $300-$450 per month

Abisinia, Nicaragua


Why should I choose this course?

The Nicaragua TEFL training school is staffed with people who understand all of your concerns, from course materials and concepts, to what life is like teaching abroad. Since they live in country, they can answer any questions you have about living, working, studying and traveling there. It’s like a personalized vacation, except instead of drinking yourself silly, you’re going to learn a lot, and you’re going to have fun doing it. When you leave, you’ll do so with a certificate that never expires, making you want to do it again and again…instead of a hangover that makes you wish you hadn’t.

Do I qualify to take this course?

As long as you’re fluent in English, 18 years or older and have a high school diploma, then yes!

Who teaches this course?

All of the teachers are highly qualified (M.A. or higher in a related field) and experienced (at least 10 years) instructors.

What is the accreditation like? 

The course is internationally accredited by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK), a highly respected TEFL/TESOL accrediting body which upholds standards set above the bar for courses worldwide.

What is the job placement assistance like?

During the course, staff will assist you with the creation of an ESL resume and cover letter, and provide you with detailed information regarding what you can expect when applying for jobs around the world. You will also be provided with a detailed Nicaragua ESL School Chart that includes contact info, hiring seasons and the inside scoop on what are the best ones to apply to.

Which course dates are the best to align with the main hiring season in Nicaragua?

Positions can be found year round, but there is a holiday break for Christmas and New Year which slows down the hiring in December.

What will my schedule be like during the course?

You will have class Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. Practicum will be scheduled after class hours on some evenings during the week from 6pm-8pm. You should expect a full day of class and work during the week with 3-5 hours of homework per night. The weekend is yours to explore and work on assignments.

The school also plans events for the students every weekend including meet and greets, beach trips, volcano surfing and pool parties!

Where will I do my practicum?

The training center holds free English classes for the local neighbors four days per week at three different levels. Part of practicum will be teaching these classes, but you will also log student teaching hours at the local University.

Will I be able to find a job teaching English in Nicaragua once I’m done with my course?

Though job placement is not guaranteed, every student who follows our professional advice and actively seeks out teaching jobs using our resources will be successful finding work. The staff is well connected, having lived and taught English in the country for more than 20 years, and they’ll do everything they can to help you find the job you want. They’ll equip you with all you need to apply and interview, and then they’ll put you in direct contact with the schools.

What content does the course cover?

  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching Skills
  • Language Awareness
  • Grammar
  • Unknown Language
  • Teaching Practice

What’s the salary in Nicaragua?

Monthly salaries range from $300-$600 USD per month. While it’s certainly not a destination to get rich as an ESL teacher and most likely you’ll just break even, teaching English in Nicaragua is for those who want the cultural, immersion and educational experience of living in a community and helping students learn the global language.

Teaching hours are typically 15-25 hours per week, and contracts are usually 6 months to 1 year. It’s possible to find extra work, whether it’s private lessons or splitting your time between two schools, if you want to make more money.

Will I be able to learn Spanish during the course?

While you won’t be studying Spanish in the classroom, living in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to learn the language. You’ll be able to practice with shop vendors and bus attendants and locals you meet on the street, all of who will be eager to help you learn. The staff can also recommend Spanish tutors and language centers nearby. We highly recommend staying with a host family if you are interested in practicing your Spanish!

Is it easy to get around Nicaragua?

It’s easy, but slow. You’ll have to fly into Managua and take a bus ride to Leon, or we can arrange a direct transfer for an extra fee. The buses are old and slow, but they well connected and dirt cheap.

Is Internet widely available? 

Yes, you’ll have access to wifi at the training center and most housing options.