At Teach English: ESL, we understand it’s difficult to make such a life-changing decision. We were in your shoes once, poring over heaps of intriguing photos and websites, getting distracted by the plethora of information about teaching English abroad, getting a TEFL certificate, choosing a country and actually moving overseas. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

Where does one even begin?

At Teach English: ESL, we want to create an honest, easy, informative and valuable experience for you. We have experience teaching in both Thailand and China — all levels from preschool to university — and we now have excellent connections with reputable schools around the world, as well as TEFL certification courses with job assistance/placement in Thailand, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Prague, Chicago and Online. We specialize in short-term agreements (with the opportunity to stay longer!) with quality, life-changing experiences. Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably already made the decision to pursue your dream of living and teaching English abroad. Let us help you with the rest.

Teaching English abroad is a meaningful way to travel. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

From our Founder: 

I know once you arrive at your chosen destination, your life will never be the same. It’s not possible to see the things you’re about to see, to encounter the locals you will, to spend quality time impacting the lives of children, and to return home the same. If it were, I wouldn’t be so passionate about teaching English abroad. I believe there is no better learning experience than meaningful travel. To live in a country and work with the locals, you’re immersing yourself in a culture, a lifestyle, an experience. As a teacher, you will become a respected part of the community, and you will make a difference that will be remembered for a lifetime in the minds of those you touch, as well as your own.

Teach English Abroad
Teach English: ESL Founder, Jessica Hill, with her high school students in Thailand.


Curious, mindful travel is the best learning experience there is, and the power of imparting knowledge to others while gaining some in return is enough to sanction a lifetime of understanding. At Teach English: ESL, our goal is to bring the world closer together through cross-cultural examinations in the English classroom. We seek open-minded individuals who are curious about the world, and those who don’t travel to see, but those who travel to learn, to ignite wisdom in themselves and those around them. We want to create a globe with blurry lines, one where cultural diversity is respected and valued, one where humans can peacefully coexist in various forms, one where English is a common language. We believe education is the vehicle to take us there.

We provide a range of internationally accredited TEFL certification courses and full-service recruitment with an honest, friendly and experienced staff. We value personal communication; no boxed emails or automated voice messages — we’re real. We aim to eliminate that overwhelmed feeling from the process and we’ll guide you through it, from choosing a country and a course, to airport pickup and support on arrival. We’re not in this business simply to send teachers abroad; we want you to enjoy the adventure, to leave your mark on this world, and to take something from it when you go.

We did it. We loved it. We know you will too. 



Jessica J. Hill founded Teach English: ESL after her own adventures with teaching English in Thailand and China, and writing about them at MissAdventureTravel.com. After two years in Asia, she returned to the States to earn a M.A. in English to further her passion for both the spoken and the written word. She can’t seem to cure her wanderlust, so she’s probably off exploring a new country (or returning to a beloved one…”Oh, Thailand!”) while she helps you get started on the teach abroad path that changed her life in ways she’s still discovering.
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