Top 5 Instagrammed Places in Thailand

Thailand, one of the most exotic destinations in the world, is a unique blend of charming beaches and glorious royalty which adds magnificence to one’s journey. Being a favorite destination for sea lovers, this country has everything from national parks to striking sea sides, from its splendid Buddha statues and temples to its charismatic islands, there are tons of places in Thailand where you will love to take a selfie and post it on your Instagram app.

What’s interesting to know is that several tourist places in Thailand have topped the charts for Instagram’s most popular destinations every year, making it a must-visit place for every selfie lover. So, that’s what we are here today for, listing the top Instagrammed places in Thailand that are famed for their fascinating scenes.

1) #SiamParagon Mall, Bangkok

places in thailand siam paragon
Photo by @ale_aulia

Rated amongst the top photographed places by the Instagram app in 2013, Siam Paragon Mall is not any historical site or famous island but rather an entertainment and shopping mall that has grown in popularity. The reason behind this achievement lies in the fact that numerous celebrities have frequented this mall and most of the tourists and locals just visit it to experience a luxury destination. It has tons of stores to shop and also includes the largest aquarium. You can explore the mall throughout, shopping, getting a dose of entertainment at the cinema hall, and a concert venue, plus enjoy delicious Thai food at several restaurants located in the mall.

3. #Terminal21, Bangkok

places in thailand terminal 21
Photo by @jjoeunjeong

Terminal 21 is a luxury shopping place with a theme of airports and will give you a chance to explore some of the major cities in the world at the same place in this mall. This site was also amongst the top Instagrammed places list of 2011. Each floor of this mall is designed like a specific city ranging from San Francisco to London, Tokyo and Istanbul and so on. Splendidly constructed with a unique theme, this place can be a shopaholic’s favorite and what’s more is that you can play photographer at the various beautiful city terminals.

3. #Ayutthaya Historical Park

places in thailand
Photo by @sanisarata

A popular Thai destination and recognized by U.N. as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya Historical Park shows the past of the now ruined city which was once the most prospered place in Thailand. It was the original capital of Thailand (then called Siam) until 1767 when it was devastated by the Burmese who destroyed the holy shrines and the Buddha sculptures. You can either take a bus from Bangkok and reach the site in around an hour or spend two or three lazy days exploring the place on bikes.

4. #KhaoYai National Park

places in thailand khao yai
Photo by @pergidulu

Thailand is well known for its reverence to elephants and Khao Yai National Park ensures the visitors for a fun-filled day with elephants as well other animals found in this country. If you are an animal lover and want to spend some time close to the nature with them then this National Park is an amazing place to discover. It is not like a zoo where you  see elephants from a distance; rather it’s a sanctuary close to the animals and their habitats. So you can trek here, roaming around the jungle with your guide while also clicking selfies and photographs when spotting animals such as elephants, monkeys, tropical species and many more.

5. Phuket

Screenshot 2017-04-13 12.15.29
Photo by @umutkiziltan

Being the largest Thai island, Phuket will need your most attention to be explored completely. You can discover Phuket’s big Buddha made with Burmese marble, try elephant trekking at Kok Chang Safari, shop for food and essentials at Phuket’s weekend market, spend time with animals at the Tiger Kingdom and Monkey Hill and last but not the least you can endeavor the boat tour at Phang Nga Bay. Phuket is one of the most popular places to visit in Thailand, and therefore one of most Instagrammed places in the country.

Hence, the above places in Thailand offer the best, most photographic escapes. Come teach English in Thailand for a chance to make these destinations to be your next home, or weekend getaway! Follow us on Instagram for more photos of your favorite teach abroad destinations.

Words by Rohit Agarwal. Images from Instagram Users.


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